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The Most Satisfying Video Ever in Brawl Stars PART 2

by Ash Brawl Stars498.178 views

The Most Satisfying Video Ever in Brawl Stars PART 2 An artistic montage, showcasing the coolest and most satisfying plays in Brawl Stars! FREE GEMS = * My Brawl Stars Twitter: * My Brawl Stars Facebook Page: * Brawl Stars Live Stream on Twitch: Brawl Stars is a freemium mobile real-time strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. On June 14, 2017, Supercell announced the game via a livestream video on YouTube. Initial release date: June 15, 2017 Developer: Supercell Publisher: Supercell Mode: Multiplayer video game Platforms: Android, iOS Genres: Strategy video game, Shooter game Features: - Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world - A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile - Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and SUPER ability - New events and game modes daily - Battle solo or co-op - Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings - Form a Band of Brawlers with fellow players to share tips and battle together - Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins - Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

  • Ash Brawl Stars
    Ash Brawl Stars16 days agoI hope you were prepared for this satisfaction.
  • Julian Morales
    Julian Morales16 days ago2:38-2:50 when a gamer girl joins the lobby
  • Salziges ButterBrot
    Salziges ButterBrot15 days ago0:29 i think it would be better when the crow jumped over the bulls
  • Adwans :3
    Adwans :315 days ago2:40 when the boys run after the hottest girl in school
  • Iamhappythingy
    Iamhappythingy11 days ago7:24 aRe yOU lOokIng fOr A wAy To oBTaiN FrEE gEmS
  • Captain Shiraj
    Captain Shiraj16 days agoOp😎
  • Mortis the Undertaker
    Mortis the Undertaker16 days agoplaying me is also very satisfying
  • Alif Jasman
    Alif Jasman16 days ago0:29 why u bully me?
  • Ricardo Rios Garcia
    Ricardo Rios Garcia12 days ago2:42 when u have 200 health and ur in a open map with 9 primos (mine,mine,mine,mine)
  • Sj Shubham
    Sj Shubham14 days ago0:34 rip crow got smacked...
  • Jaden Is Asian
    Jaden Is Asian10 days ago2:51 anyone else see that one el primo just lacking behind XD
  • Elgun Manafov
    Elgun Manafov15 days ago0:29 my friends when I m eatinga big bag of doritos\me when dinner is ready
  • Pranab Gupta
    Pranab Gupta11 days ago4:23 CAPTAINSHIRAJYT spotted
  • Arthuur Noob
    Arthuur Noob12 days ago3:26 Papyrus! I'm your fan! Nye he he!
  • Useless Thing
    Useless Thing12 days ago1:23 Best part in my opinion
  • RoyalLight
    RoyalLight9 days agoAm i girl not a man U can’t do what i can Ur not as good a i am WAM BAM HERE COMES “PAM”
  • Suena Jiang
    Suena Jiang16 days ago@2:40 lol the primos are like the suitors and piper is just running away from them
  • かんなちゃん
    かんなちゃん22 hours ago3:39これは、知ってたw
  • Omgit'sVaiD - Brawl Stars
    Omgit'sVaiD - Brawl Stars16 days ago🤩🤩🤩 I love it 😋
  • DiegoPro44 -Gameplays y más-
    DiegoPro44 -Gameplays y más-5 days agoFELICIDADES POR LOS 500.000 :)!
  • Erwin Cristian Chiorean
    Erwin Cristian Chiorean11 days agoLove those videos. Near to 500k!
  • xXPiotrXx529
    xXPiotrXx5299 days ago3:37 Oliwier top 1 w Polsce (w tym momęcie)
  • tizianoXD167
    tizianoXD1677 days ago0:35 woow woow woow :V
  • Mario Boglione
    Mario Boglione8 days ago0:30 how driving in Russia is
  • xX永遠の邊緣人 Xx
    xX永遠の邊緣人 Xx4 days agoWhat is the music of 2.06~2.36?
  • Mario Boglione
    Mario Boglione8 days ago2:42 when taxes arrive
  • chester estanislao
    chester estanislao13 days agoI guess that is how Piper meant by "pushy" suitors.
  • Glen Gernan
    Glen Gernan10 days ago2:40 when you’re bein attacked by many spiders, you represent piper.
  • Alex Gheorghe
    Alex Gheorghe11 days ago0:40 Capain Shiraj???
  • Harvey John Reynon
    Harvey John Reynon7 days agoAt 4:20 is that captainShiraj
  • IceRose
    IceRose14 days agoLol. Captain Shiraj is the only one living every time.
  • TheLegendaryJet
    TheLegendaryJet14 days agoPlease make more!!! Your a god!! I hope you hit 500k soon!
  • Rene Geßner
    Rene Geßner7 days agoThat has been copyed by brawl bro But good video👍
  • Spiral Felix59
    Spiral Felix5911 days ago4:56 Elll SUİCİDE!
  • Christopher Jovison
    Christopher Jovison16 days agoIs it just me or barleis''s supers do look like a heart?
  • Master Me
    Master Me15 days agoAlmost 500k!
  • Cristian Constantin
    Cristian Constantin15 days agoLmfaooo 9 bulls are rushing crow and crow be like: Wo wo wo
  • MoneyCapital - Brawlstars
    MoneyCapital - Brawlstars16 days agoOP bro! and so is the great server
  • Anime Stealth
    Anime Stealth12 days agoOut of all the rest Rico own was the coolest
  • _ItzEwoud_
    _ItzEwoud_8 days agoThis video is 50% killing everybody and 50% reverse slomo cam...
  • Nivia Ribeiro
    Nivia Ribeiro15 days agoDoes part 3
  • Abdualhakim Dakhil
    Abdualhakim Dakhil16 days agowow that was amazing
  • kunal pathak
    kunal pathak15 days agoOh Ash hey...... watched your Royale vids 2years ago ..... don't play brawl stars came here to comment Still remember when u streamed ewiz challenge for 12 hrs or someone like that 👍👍👍
  • EGXY
    EGXY11 days agoSatisfactory alert The dynamike one was the most satisfying one
  • 16 days agoOne of the best brawl stars videos Mortis Vs 9rico
    GAMING STAR14 days agoLike you ash And shiraj
    CLASH YO KLoGS11 days agoThis video felt like 70 min Good job
  • Crowleon spike
    Crowleon spike15 days agoI love this series!!! It is very unique and um.. satisfying MAKE MORE!!!!!
  • Baby Face
    Baby Face10 days agoWOW havent seen this channel since a while, miss the clash of clans days, keep up the good work!!
  • Ryan Xue
    Ryan Xue5 days agoahhhhhhhh 1:24