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The most iconic kpop videos of all time! (funny/legendary moments!)

by Hyeyeon's actual mom1.245.968 views

Finally back with another video! Twitter: @HyeyeonsMom Snapchat: Raikim Tumblr: Hyeyeonsmom, Kireinakuro & Softxiening Discord: Instagram: Galacticdolphin Myanimelist: Got7sfan Anime-planet: HyeyeonsMom Credits in no specific order: Seungri seducing Sehun Shinee Onew throwing pen You’re in the club??? B.a.p Daehyun swearing Who am i Exo Kai och sehun Ayo waddup krease? Ayo wazuuuuppp OMAYA Orange caramel Hah! Dance practice version Got7 Wanna eat ramen How do you know I’m not big? Big Byung - Stress come on! NCT Foreign swaggers Johnny explaining “daddy” Vixx So hot cover Leaving Hyuk at a gas station I got a boy cover EXID Hani fancam Boys day - Something Block B’s B-Bomb likes…? Bts and beach OT4 2NE1 F(x) - LaChaTa live in rain Infinite Sungyeol’s ugly dance Sungyeol & Sungjong - Troublemaker Jay Park With pink eyelashes With a banana Seventeen’s Seungkwan’s “KIMBAP KIDDING?” YOUR DOG SPEAKS CHINESE?? The troublemaker kiss