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100 Pushups A Day For 30 Days CHALLENGE - Results

by Simple Man2.926.137 views

My results after doing 100 push ups a day for 30 days. I could have been doing 100 push ups a day for 60 days, but I think it is too hard for the body. This goes to show that you can get great results by doing a home work out, you only need the floor to do this! Maybe next I will go for 100 push ups for 60 days. Perfect Pushups - This channel is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

  • Simple Man
    Simple Man5 months agoAfter this pushups challenge, I decided to keep going. I have been at it for a year and a half now. Want to see how it's been? Check out my new video - Pushups Everyday For A Year -
  • valentina calvello
    valentina calvello1 year agoDay 1 100 push up.. day 2,3,4,5 hospital
  • Steve S.
    Steve S.1 year agoHell it would take me 30 days to do 100 pushups.
  • David Garside
    David Garside1 year agoI'm 62... First day today with my first 100 under my belt....I wonder how I'll feel tomorrow....😬😳😊
  • God's own. ATTERBURY
    God's own. ATTERBURY1 year agoI am 70 and still can do 50 pushups without a break, I do other exercises 5 days a week and rest over weekends. It's good to be in shape, no flabby chest and wrinkled skin
  • John Rambo
    John Rambo1 year agoAt 47 years looks exhausting to me...I'm gonna eat some grapes and take a nap.
  • workout forever
    workout forever1 year agorespect!
  • NVGLsports
    NVGLsports8 days agoI'm 127 years old and I can do 400 pushups in one day! These are rookie numbers!
  • Valentino De Miglio
    Valentino De Miglio16 hours agoThis is awesome. Thank you for the inspiration
  • Erik Jorgal
    Erik Jorgal1 days agoHeyho ... I tried one day with 100 push-ups. I've had no preparation and it needed me 9 sets. The result was a 7 day muscle hangover ... Whoops. Maybe tomorrow I could go on ... 🏁
  • Stangil1
    Stangil11 year agoYou forgot to measure your beard. JK good job man!
  • TomFromTartu
    TomFromTartu1 year agoI see a simple man, I upvote
  • J Valle
    J Valle1 year agoI'm 5'6, 230 lbs. Started 100 push ups today, also added 60 squats, barbell press, and sit ups to make it a bit of full body workout. I hope I can keep it up. I really want to shed some weight. 😁 Update: I have stopped doing 100 push ups everyday, but Im doing a combination of resistance and cardio now. Started to eat healthy as well and Im in a week into intermittent fasting, down to 218 lbs now. This video gave me the push I needed, so thank you OP, and to everyone for your support and input.
  • john jones
    john jones1 year agoA lot of people don't realize pushups do so much more than just chest and ARMS. holding good form and doing a pushups works every major muscle group. which is how you actually lose fat and actually get things like a 6 pack ect. You already have a 6pack every person in the world does. its burning thru the fat via working large muscles groups that shows them. 2nd you will benefit more from doing as many of the pushups as you can in a sitting so to speak. The more you break it up throughout the day the less effective it will be because you won't actually be pushing your body beyond what it can handle. noo pain no gain isn't just a saying its science. the damge "tearing" of your muscles from pushing them harder it what helps to increase muscle size and force your body from burning the easy to get to calories to switching to burning the calories stores in your fat
  • Kartik Kumar Kamat
    Kartik Kumar Kamat1 months agoI m going to try 100 pushups a day challenge
  • Real G
    Real G1 year agoI wish I could​ entertain a beard
  • Daniel Anthony
    Daniel Anthony1 year agoMan you give me hope thanks a lot, I can't afford a gym membership I just want to build in the comfort of my own home, glad to see I'm not alone, and I'm on day 12 with the 100 push-ups but do them in sets of 25 already feeling stronger
  • Emanuel Tavares
    Emanuel Tavares14 hours ago100 push ups a day doesn't seem well that tough. I'm on to it!
  • BOWER 418
    BOWER 4183 days agoI do 15 pushups a day and it has been more than a month. I can't do 100 push ups, that's too much for me.
  • Bro Ur Hella Funny
    Bro Ur Hella Funny3 months agoI wonder why 1 arm is bigger than the other 🤔
  • Logic Killer
    Logic Killer1 year agoReminded me of my late teen years. I didn't had any equipement at my home (beside a 30lbs dumbell) so all I could do was Pushups(and some Curls). Damn !! my body improved and classmates used to ask me which gym I m going... Minimalist workout also pays off, given if you are consistant with it...
  • Sujoy Dutta
    Sujoy Dutta1 year agoIts so adorable that on Day 17, you added those cute "weights"......being a Dad has its perks! Very adorable......☺
  • MAX UP
    MAX UP1 months agothank you so much for this video it has helped me a lot to start my own journey today i have my own channel.
  • Anthony Blue
    Anthony Blue4 months agoLoved seeing the kids helping ya out, super cute. Good dad!!!
  • gary cowan
    gary cowan1 year agoJust started 3 days ago doing 75 a day. I took measurements like you did after watching the video. Will see what happens in 30 days. Thanks for sharing.
  • sem
    sem19 hours agoI did this and made a video about it. you can see it on my YouTube channel.
  • Donald George
    Donald George8 months agoI started this about a year ago. The results are amazing. I have lifted weights for about 20 years and never gained the kinda strength I have from pushups. Went back in the gym after doing pushups for a year and I am now stronger than I was before.
  • Frank Esposito
    Frank Esposito2 months agoNeil the Trainer their,.. doesn't.. F---- around!
  • Fahmi Mustafa
    Fahmi Mustafa1 year agomassive respect ! hats of bro..i have currently started 1 done !
  • voicetube
    voicetube1 year agoWell, along with another sort of similar 30-day 100 push-ups video, you inspired me to start – today February January 2, 2018! I'm up to 75 so far – to have a question for you which you didn't answer at the end but you may have answered somewhere else: how many push-ups IN A ROW do/did you do? – especially towards the beginning – So, did you do 15 reps in a set or did you sometimes to only 10 or maybe even only 5 (or maybe sometimes even only 1 or 2?) reps/Push-ups in a set? Also, generally how long did you leave as a break in between sets? Thanks so much for your inspiration dude!
  • Nate Bernstein
    Nate Bernstein3 months agoWell Done, Champ. Keep at it. I've your back.
  • Shawn Payton
    Shawn Payton2 months agoGotta love all the damn "experts" that have to put two cents in. The old saying is, there is more than one way to skin a cat, all you smart asses, go back to your video games and latte's. Keep up the good work dude!
  • Michael Hassen
    Michael Hassen1 year agoI give you a lot of Props. Standing Ovation. Much Respect and I'm inspired. I will do my best to do what you did. Michael H
  • jokur
    jokur1 year agothats pretty crazy you had so much gains in 30 days, you probably have really good genes grats my friend
  • Steve R
    Steve R1 year agoLynard Skynard, simple kind of man intro, ;)
  • Gilbert Roman
    Gilbert Roman2 months agoDude this video is very informative man. I like how you added Max's. I love fitness. Keep it up
  • Peaceful Encounters
    Peaceful Encounters11 months agoProud of you! Looking good, thank you for sharing video. If only I could dedicate to simple exercise program I would feel better about myself.
  • Shanelle Jones
    Shanelle Jones1 months agoThanks for the inspiration! :)
  • Mil Angelo Ranara
    Mil Angelo Ranara24 days agoJust wow...amazing results
  • Glen Lovelace
    Glen Lovelace1 year agoDo something everyday you bond to get good at it..
  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis1 year agolol I'm on day 24 of 300 a day. love the results.
  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez1 year agoGreat job congratulations!!
  • Kiandra Halstead
    Kiandra Halstead2 months agoLiked and subscribed.
  • Joey Lara
    Joey Lara1 year agoMan that's awesome bro. I'm happy for you!!! Congrats bro
  • doubanjiang
    doubanjiang1 year agoDefinitely can see the results, but not sure I'm buying that you added over 1 inch to each arm in a month just by doing 100 pushups a day.
  • Seyed Ali Mortazave Milane
    Seyed Ali Mortazave Milane3 months agoThanks for the video
  • Cathal1
    Cathal11 year agocongrats buddy ....big improvement 👍
  • Phil Do
    Phil Do1 year agoRespect bro
  • randall shepherd
    randall shepherd1 year agoCongratulations. I admire the self-discipline. It pays off!
  • SeanNixus G
    SeanNixus G1 year agoyoure my inspiration dude😭 this is sooooo frickin amazing