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STUPID PEOPLE IN GYM FAIL COMPILATION, Funniest workout fails ever ----- If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email or the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed! ☎ CONTACT US

  • Just Funny Videos
    Just Funny Videos1 year agoNEW Video Is Up !! Enjoy :D
  • Sochetra Song
    Sochetra Song1 year agoImagine if they put these guys all in in one gym, hahaha
  • Emkars s
    Emkars s1 year agoLooks like some skiped brain day
  • Chris Turnbull
    Chris Turnbull1 year ago1:23 when your girl says she wants kids
  • Madi NP
    Madi NP1 year ago00:56 It's not very nice to film an old man who's risking an injury. If he does his back in he may not ever bounce back from it. To the person who recorded this, next time you see an older dude trying but not doing so hot how about lending a hand instead of filming him and putting it on the Internet for people to mock?
  • AVybz
    AVybz9 months ago2:03 how to get kicked out of Planet Fitness 😂
  • Dil
    Dil2 year agoSome of people are just practicing for sex.
  • Abukar Mahad
    Abukar Mahad4 months agoEvery time I see people like this in the gym trying hard to work the machines I go and help them out give them a few tips and be done , I don’t take my cellphone out and make fun of them just to go viral , we all started from the bottom a gym is place to work out and if you feel superior to others than show that superiority by helping others..
  • -has a masters degree in wumbology
    -has a masters degree in wumbology1 year agoThat's why I do all my workouts at home. I don't want to end up on YouTube.
  • Zamosa
    Zamosa1 year agoAll these people should get together and open up their own circus
  • Fernando Serico
    Fernando Serico1 year ago0:22 absolute best
  • Commander Erik
    Commander Erik1 year ago2:03 Autism? Where is the gym employee?
  • Jack Lynch
    Jack Lynch11 months ago3:30 when you skip leg day.
  • الإسكندر Alexander
    الإسكندر Alexander11 months ago7:31 That's pretty awesome........right?
  • ricardo
    ricardo1 year agolmao. 😂 look at that guy leg pressing with skinny chicken legs trying to impress everyone
  • Ray A
    Ray A2 year agoit's hard to tell if these people are stupid or mentally ill
  • Robin Ribbink
    Robin Ribbink1 year ago8:55 isn't funny.. mike tyson did that to create his strong neck, neck bridge its called.. just idiot people who don't know anything about specificity of training. So shut up
  • Jin Sato
    Jin Sato8 months ago5:47 "Need that protein now or I'll lose all my gainz!!"
  • Leo ishak
    Leo ishak11 months ago4:10 demon possession someboy call Exorcist
  • Isaac Boaz
    Isaac Boaz8 months agoI was afraid the guy at 3:15 was gonna hyper-extend his legs the way he was locking his legs out.
  • Quang Anh Pham
    Quang Anh Pham1 year agoAm I the only one who is surprised that some of them are actually in shape.
  • Roberto Zarrabal
    Roberto Zarrabal1 year ago9:00 is legit neck training, some people are just ignorant.
  • Mr gamer Smith
    Mr gamer Smith1 year ago0:57 old man sounds just like Eustice from courage the cowardly dog.
  • ThomasSFH
    ThomasSFH1 year agoI almost wrote that 0:16 was the most gay ever... but then came 1:18 and it got even more GAY haha
  • MetalHeadDuQc
    MetalHeadDuQc1 year ago5:36 hey this is not a bad idea !
  • Jin Sato
    Jin Sato9 months ago0:40 i'm crying
  • RuntCash
    RuntCash1 year agoWhat the hell don't you have staff at gyms in america ? or is this just normal behaviour
  • ricardo
    ricardo1 year agoGet you a man who can grind you like the guy at 1:09 😂
  • Just Me
    Just Me1 year agoBruh this would make working out fun if everyone in this compilation is at the same gym
  • Guy
    Guy1 year agoThe dude at 0:39 just found out he's gonna lose his virginity tonight, he's going to be more than ready.
  • KatzProductions
    KatzProductions1 year agoYesterday i saw some old ass man benching 135 but he barely lowered it one inch before pressing it back up for reps
  • Sean Lewis
    Sean Lewis1 months ago😭😂😂😂💀💀 6:52 form is absolutely shit 😂😂💀
  • FasterZone
    FasterZone1 year agoNothing wrong with the first one, it's working out the face and neck muscles lol...
  • Turtle Milker
    Turtle Milker1 days agoWhy do none of these ppl go to my gym :(
  • Kemuel Quila
    Kemuel Quila1 year agoThese aren't fails, it's crossfit
    PET MEDIA2 days agoOk I started laughing at 0:40
  • Boba Fett420
    Boba Fett42011 months ago0:48 dude was just perfecting the art of his thrust.. you can't knock his hustle tbh
  • Theee Legend
    Theee Legend1 year ago7:08 oKAY IM DONE. This is some next level break yo leg shit
  • Manoj Beerelli Vlogs
    Manoj Beerelli Vlogs8 months ago1:32 Give this man a #Medal 🥇
  • V Kai
    V Kai16 hours ago“We are not responsible for injuries caused by improper equipment use”
  • Flynn
    Flynn20 days agoProbably not that hard to put the cellphone down and actually help these people... But it also ain't that hard to watch a quick tutorial on YouTube on how to use a certain machine correctly either.
  • brett knoss
    brett knoss1 months ago6:40 that's brilliant. I've always thought the problem with the deadlift is how to you take you legs out of it so that all the work is done by the lower back, and the strain is exclusively on the spine.
    HOMIE LB1 year agoI always notice that when they bench There is no damn clips No wonder the weights fall off
  • kuya abam
    kuya abam25 days ago9:59 ,when hitting the gym is life but pingpong is lifer🤣
  • yami atem
    yami atem3 months ago1:10 can you feel it
  • baby voice
    baby voice5 months agosome spotters are just gay and want to rub up against guys
  • Sam Mers
    Sam Mers6 months ago1:35 looks like one of those fortnite dance. Plus, why are they gym banging one another.
  • Abu Savage
    Abu Savage1 year agoThe idiot at 2:04 is gonna break the equipment (if not his legs first) and get kicked out
  • Ema
    Ema4 months agoThis is gymnastic, true art I tell you
  • Adrian Colvin
    Adrian Colvin6 months agoThe one at 9:08 is actually great workout. I wrestled back in high school and our coach always made us do those neck bridges to strengthen the neck.