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You've Got Bad Friends: Friendship Fails (September 2018) | FailArmy

by FailArmy1.867.642 views

Friends: how many of us have them? If any of these fails remind you of your buddies, you might need to reevaluate your friendships! Don't forget to submit your videos to! ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! SUBSCRIBE! FACEBOOK • INSTAGRAM • TWITTER • TWITCH • Check out FailArmy U!!! • FailArmy gear • We've got friends in high places! Give them a watch: People Are Awesome - The Pet Collective - JukinVideo - Poke My Heart - Daily Picks & Flicks - FailArmy is the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. We’re powered by fan submissions and feedback from all around the world, with over 30 million fans across digital platforms! To license any of the videos shown on FailArmy, please visit Jukin Media at Videos:

  • Halrawk
    Halrawk6 months ago3:04 Why even bother wearing pants at this point? His belt is below his underwear...
  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos?
    Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos?6 months agoCan't have bad friends if you don't have any friends
  • 73
    736 months agoWe want *quality*
  • Glufius
    Glufius6 months agoignoring FailARmy for 6 months to avoid the repetetiveness. 6 videos have already been used before....
  • Apian Bird
    Apian Bird6 months agoLiterally just saw 15 hate comments in a row
  • MemeGod
    MemeGod6 months ago5:30 "Can someone give me a napkin probably?"
  • ADCGD 91802
    ADCGD 918025 months ago0:41 Someone's about to get a cake on the head down there
  • Samuel
    Samuel6 months ago0:39 is this the power of ultra instinct? 😂
  • patrick hansen
    patrick hansen6 months agoStop slowmos... Are you unaware of what platform you're uploading to? It's not better, it's not more fun, it's nothing but bad editing. YouTube has slowdown functionality built in
  • SchniekeCF / 3Takter
    SchniekeCF / 3Takter6 months ago3:05 his trousers are deeper than the Mariana Trench
  • Rüpayan Biswas
    Rüpayan Biswas6 months ago0:43 chutiya betichod 😂😂😂😂😂
  • ZackAttack R.P.G
    ZackAttack R.P.G6 months ago1:36 anyone else hears Elmo’s laugh?
  • Apian Bird
    Apian Bird6 months agoWhat I if told you You read the first line wrong
  • Little Mort
    Little Mort6 months ago3:16 is that ice or his spine cracking
  • SlowCr4fT
    SlowCr4fT6 months agoYou've Got Bad Friends: Friendship Fails (September 2002) | FailArmy
  • TheScavenger Lee
    TheScavenger Lee4 months ago0:00-0:07 I thought my head phones weren’t on, but they were lol(That was my fail😑)
  • Trey Talaina
    Trey Talaina6 months agoDam that white girl that's bending her leg is THICK!!!
  • Typersx1
    Typersx16 months agoStill crap.
  • Jop van Dijk
    Jop van Dijk6 months ago10th like boi
  • Rehmaan Khan The Boss
    Rehmaan Khan The Boss5 months ago0:41 no! WTF Chutiya betichod 😂😂😂
  • AceThe Heart
    AceThe Heart6 months agoThe first video had me laughing so hard
  • Nadine Brandt
    Nadine Brandt6 months agoStop haiting plz
  • Naked Banana
    Naked Banana6 months agoChutiya betichod 0:40 *LMAO* ( Indians will understand )
  • DynamicalGenius
    DynamicalGenius5 months ago0:34 *_get back underwater boi_*
  • Hug Savage
    Hug Savage6 months agoPeople still sag pants that bad
  • Alex Sherman
    Alex Sherman2 months ago1:19 love that Chris Evens in the back
    XASTI CHANNEL2 months agoSit on face)) 5:54
  • Bubuka4444 - Youtube
    Bubuka4444 - Youtube6 months agoYou are the best!! I always laughing on your videos! (sorry for bad english) Respect from Hungary
  • ken smith
    ken smith6 months ago5:20 WTF???!!!
  • Vorondo Voronwë
    Vorondo Voronwë6 months ago1:02 Someone from Poland hear ,,O ku*wa."?
  • Hicham Gaming
    Hicham Gaming6 months agoNice broo from morroco🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
  • David Sitterlé
    David Sitterlé5 months ago"Can someone give me a napkin probably? " This guy got brain damage no ?
  • Rehmaan Khan The Boss
    Rehmaan Khan The Boss5 months ago0:38 Who lives in India? 🙏🇮🇳
  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami5 months ago0:45 any indians in the comments section 🤣
  • Sebastian Gutierrez
    Sebastian Gutierrez5 months agoI feel 2006 with kind of videos
  • Jonathan Zylka
    Jonathan Zylka6 months agoDo no seatbelt fails.
  • Danster P
    Danster P6 months agoDamn failarmy still a ting Some tings never goes away
    SRN DA NOOB5 months agoThe diving part was funny😂😂😂 3 dudes
  • Derek Roe
    Derek Roe5 months agoI love fail army keep up the good work :)
  • spazmccoy
    spazmccoy6 months agoAlways wear eye protection when playing squash.
  • Jakov Vrbanec
    Jakov Vrbanec6 months agofirst clip broke the sound from that face plant...
  • Laugh Together
    Laugh Together6 months agoOMG 🤣🤣🤣
  • iSarp GT
    iSarp GT6 months ago0:31 UFC 2019
  • Being Boby
    Being Boby5 months agoCHUTIYA betichhod 😂😂
  • Cloves
    Cloves5 months ago5:35 The Human Centipede (Ultimate Sequence) Trailer is looking really good!
  • Hisham 4.20
    Hisham 4.205 months ago0:43 .... indians know its way too fking vulgar what the cameraman said
  • Keisuke Takahashi
    Keisuke Takahashi5 months ago0:39 How To Dodge A Cake Like A Real pro
  • Mister20seven
    Mister20seven6 months ago4:05 I loved to do that as well :D
  • Zozo
    Zozo6 months ago2:03 "Let's play this clip we've played a million times but, cut the audio and add obnoxious circus music over it." "No, we've already done that a million times." "Hmm....slow-mo?" "GENIUS! THEY'LL NEVER NOTICE!"
  • Iceypumpkin head
    Iceypumpkin head5 months ago0:01 suddenly, Trampoline.