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Here are the TOP funny water slide fails and water slide bloopers from water parks and backyards all around the world! All the funny water park fails, funny pool slide fails, and water slide falls right here! Tube slides, pool slides & home made slides. *** DON"T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ————————————————————————————————————— FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law. ⒻⓊ

    I'M PICKLE RICK !10 months agoMy worst fear is to be trapped in an enclosed water slide😨
  • Tim Roberts
    Tim Roberts10 months ago7:48, oh my. Was that an after season break in? What freakin idiots with no water in the pool...
  • ssSpanxz
    ssSpanxz3 months ago2:20 they missed the high five 😂 😂
  • D.L.C Breaker
    D.L.C Breaker11 months agoThe part at 2:08 seemed like an action movie
  • Raydog 97
    Raydog 976 months ago7:22 😂😂😂
  • JojoboyPlayz
    JojoboyPlayz10 months ago1:55 oh that pain
  • Jack Vangsoulatda
    Jack Vangsoulatda11 months ago0:53 looks so scary
  • Lucia Johansson
    Lucia Johansson11 months ago0:47 that will be so creepy! :o like if that was my mom or dad, sister my two brothers i will cry! :ooo
  • Azhr 29
    Azhr 2911 months agoThe lady that hit the why though , it is a steep slide and the ending is so short
  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk !1 year ago1:47 I know the engineer who designed that tube slide. He joked and called it the "The spitting murder tube"
  • Teko Knight
    Teko Knight1 year agodisliked for the click bait thumbnail lol. :c
  • Drco89ol
    Drco89ol7 months ago7:50 look at the leg after impact
  • Anna Maria Baloka
    Anna Maria Baloka14 days agoHello! I'm from Greece. I think that at 4:25-4:35 the water slide is in Crete. So, who is from Greece? (Sorry for the wrong dictation if I have 🙂)
  • Kjghfg
    Kjghfg7 months agoAbout 25% of these is because people are standing in the middle of the slide and the person sliding runs into them
  • Becca Hinds
    Becca Hinds6 months agoPoor girl with the bars just oww
    FAL Z ELITE10 months agoClick bait! I wanted to see that..... one fail clip 😈🍑
  • Eelis Kahari
    Eelis Kahari11 months ago0:51 the legend says that boy is still in that slide
  • Gregory Owino
    Gregory Owino11 months ago4:31 I saw that coming
  • Allen Han
    Allen Han11 months agoSome of these rides look like a fatality waiting to happen.
  • Reef Robinson
    Reef Robinson11 months agoThat would be funny if someone got stuck in thing you know someone actually gets stuck
  • Satinaki
    Satinaki11 months agoMost were funny but a lot of them looked really painful and deadly...
  • Csanád Kémeri
    Csanád Kémeri11 months ago0:00 I have been on the exact same slide 4 years ago. I nearly fell off. The world is so small :D. It was in Hungary.
  • MoshiMonsters Wika
    MoshiMonsters Wika1 year ago9:28 xd lol
  • VloggingWithDelila The Xbox Girl
    VloggingWithDelila The Xbox Girl8 months agoThat yellow and red and blue slide I have that one Edit at 2:41
  • TheGreatOnez
    TheGreatOnez11 months ago3:42 WHAT THE HELL I WENT ON THAT WATER SLIDE BEFORE ON OUR TRIP THAT ME AND MY FAMILY WENT TO Was that Wet 'n Wild Gold Coast If It was That was The Exact Same Ride I went on! And yes It was very very fun!
  • Tina Tina
    Tina Tina4 months agoSome of these slides need serious safety checks
  • Darth vader
    Darth vader4 months ago2:19 haha
  • Imogen Amber
    Imogen Amber1 year ago9:30 wow the nosie
  • The Joker
    The Joker11 months ago9:29 That sounded like Voldo from Soulcalibur
  • Raydog 97
    Raydog 976 months ago5:42 😂😂😂
  • Summit Mashburn
    Summit Mashburn11 months agoHa ha I love this is awesome.
  • Josh Park
    Josh Park1 year ago1:55 ....rly? Bars?
  • Kristin G.
    Kristin G.10 months ago1:05 that one vine 😂
  • tecknos africa
    tecknos africa27 days agoyon can seriously get hurt or injured
  • Fox-E (Bonzai)
    Fox-E (Bonzai)11 months ago@3:13 LMAO 🤣
  • Anna Hudáková
    Anna Hudáková11 months ago5:01 kurva😂
  • SpiderHawk
    SpiderHawk1 year ago0:30 I felt that man’s pain when I went on that slide last year
  • Danny Moreno
    Danny Moreno10 months agoPause at 5:05 lol and then press play 😂😂
  • mohan kumar
    mohan kumar1 year agoThe speed
  • Insert Username
    Insert Username10 months agoThis ain't funny, its painful
  • Hamish McWhinney
    Hamish McWhinney11 months agoThe ones where the inflatable slides fell over is because they weren’t tied down and there were too many people on it
  • Adaeze Simon
    Adaeze Simon9 months agoThat was so funny
    JOZI AH1 months ago*PRIVATE I CANT HOLD ON* *2:07***. Private: YOU'LL MAKE IT *AGHH* *Makes on* *THANKS PRIVATE!*. lol I'm weird
  • Myla Disu
    Myla Disu1 year ago6:10 wow well done epic
  • Lukakio
    Lukakio2 months ago0:15 that woman who was controlling the slides reaction time was genuinely amazing
  • Harry Robinson
    Harry Robinson9 months agoFamily: is he ok?! Me: hahahahaha
  • Dj JCV
    Dj JCV1 year ago9:25 XDXDXD ME HICISTE EL DIA
  • Green CreeperHD
    Green CreeperHD2 months agoHey This True Story Im Gonna Say It When I Was Swimming With My Cousins My Cousin Is On The slide But Suddenly My Another Cousin Slide What Happen Next My Other Cousin Slipped And Pushed By My Cousin I Laugh So Hard Can't Even Stop
    DIRT_BIKEKID2683477 OFFICAL CHANNEL4 days ago0:28 I legit went down that slide last month
  • Kelley Harris
    Kelley Harris11 months ago1:31 Lol that’s at Bush Gardens in Va and this has happened like 5 times