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Living on the Edge: Send It! (November 2018) | FailArmy

by FailArmy1.655.247 views

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  • getsomepantson11
    getsomepantson114 months agoPlease stop with the rewind edits.
  • Bierstadt54
    Bierstadt544 months agoThat last one lol. Amid all the crazy people jumping off cliffs, there is the sensible guy who wants no part of it. The hero for the rest of us. +1 for Hellno Man!
  • feliixx
    feliixx4 months agoWhat's with the rewind edits? We can rewind the video ourselves if we want. Stop making videos longer by replaying the unfunniest fails 6 times.
  • ☢Kalle🚀
    ☢Kalle🚀4 months agoThis channel gets worse.
  • Harry Depova
    Harry Depova4 months ago"Robert, it goes down" gets me every time.
  • Death
    Death4 months ago1:16 is a cute win not a fail
  • Ellis
    Ellis4 months agoA ton of recycled fails. This channel fell off so hard
  • Blackshadow Baruah
    Blackshadow Baruah4 months agoSome of the clips are horrible and some are funny
  • Alex Abides
    Alex Abides4 months agoWow. 95% reused footage.
  • jovanivida
    jovanivida4 months agoRobert please don’t do that
  • Hotox
    Hotox4 months ago4:56 Where is the fail?
  • Aksa Arc02
    Aksa Arc024 months ago2:39 it's so funny 🤣
  • Shit RaveDJ Channel
    Shit RaveDJ Channel4 months ago4:03 **Drone Crashes** Drone : NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! That's the first time I laughed at a drone fail.
  • Karim Ayad
    Karim Ayad4 months agoMinute 3:46 ... NOVEMBER 2018 !? You were the best Fail channel ..
  • Okami_No _Heishi
    Okami_No _Heishi4 months agoI'm not afraid of heights!! I'm just afraid of falling!!
  • SmeetCo Productions
    SmeetCo Productions4 months agoOh man i cant stop laughing every single time that i see that 'Robert it go down' clip, gets me every time :)
  • Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL
    Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL4 months agoI can relate with the last dude. VERTIGO!!!
  • #S!G * [̲̅α̲̅я̲̅т̲̅ร̲̅]
    #S!G * [̲̅α̲̅я̲̅т̲̅ร̲̅]4 months ago2:20 é o Bluezao lol kkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • John Davidson
    John Davidson4 months ago0:17 This guy will literally have "No Nut November".
  • Tim parsons
    Tim parsons4 months agowhen the dog landed in the water at 1:15, a notification went off at it made the *plop* as it splashed. Talk about perfect timing.
  • Kaze_Senshi
    Kaze_Senshi4 months ago2:31 Brazil Eita Caralho!
  • artic awesome FNAF LOVER
    artic awesome FNAF LOVER3 months ago4:04 is Devils Tower! Epic fail though 😅
  • Sohail Shaikh
    Sohail Shaikh2 months agothe last man was so cute,i love him
  • Jenny Marie
    Jenny Marie4 months agoThis channel just gets worse and worse.
  • MyBoringLife
    MyBoringLife4 months agoCongrats on 699 videos can't wait for 6969
  • Nabeel Khan
    Nabeel Khan4 months agoLiving on the edge: Pakistani roadies😂
  • yeahilikekorn
    yeahilikekorn4 months ago2:20 - Bluezão no FailArmy,! Mano.... haha..
  • john meagher
    john meagher4 months agoRemember the days when FailArmy was funny? Pepperidge Farms remembers...
  • OMG 420
    OMG 4204 months agoThis one time at band camp....
  • ConcordClark
    ConcordClark4 months agoThis guy actually went to prison. This is what his first night was like: 0:17
  • Evilwhiteclownpunk
    Evilwhiteclownpunk4 months agoDon't these idjits know that water is not good for bicycles... now they gotta take them apart and re-grease all the bearings...
  • Mélanie Roussel
    Mélanie Roussel4 months agoI'm like the guy on last video... I don't like edges!
  • JustSomeDude-Gaming
    JustSomeDude-Gaming4 months ago1:35 was pretty sure that milkshake song was about to play...
  • G3ntle
    G3ntle4 months agoDear FailArmy editor: Don't quit your day job.
  • Basket Casey
    Basket Casey4 months agoSo many recycled fails.
  • Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts4 months agoPerson intentionally jumps into water. FailArmy - Yep that's a fail.
  • Shawn Olson
    Shawn Olson2 months agoPlease don't reuse videos you used before.
  • Duchess 8891
    Duchess 889116 days agoThe last guy crawling on the cliff just to look at the ocean was adorable! :)
  • PeW TeCh
    PeW TeCh3 months agoLast one? Bonuz?
  • Hoseokaum
    Hoseokaum4 months ago3:20 "Are you okay Julio?" "Yes" "Did you die?" "No" Hhahahhaha I love my country
  • Greg Hammack
    Greg Hammack4 months agoOuch! I'm in pain just watching.
  • Chan Lan
    Chan Lan4 months agoWEAK. All of them.
  • Mike Habic
    Mike Habic4 months agoI couldn't watch this one. Too many of them had me cringing so hard that I think I pulled something.
  • Runner3331
    Runner33314 months agoBless that guy with Robert as a friend
  • mad man
    mad man4 months agoThat last guy, I felt his pain. My heart was pumping out of my chest... lol
  • Andantek Wyatt
    Andantek Wyatt3 months ago4:18 *I’M MARRY POPPINS Y’ALL!*
  • Southern Gentleman
    Southern Gentleman4 months agoMan. I feel bad for them all
  • SangoProductions213
    SangoProductions2134 months ago"It do go down!" English class was the fail there.
  • paul paul
    paul paul4 months agoFailArmy makes my life worth living. Now I have 2 days or misery to get through before the next FailArmy upload on Friday.
  • Lulz Cakee
    Lulz Cakee1 months agoThe last clip wasnt a fail, it was an accomplishment. He faced his fear, and even though I dont know him, Im proud of him!