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Try Not to Laugh Challenge Funny Fails Compilation December 2018

by Life Awesome1.413.872 views

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  • eat your dog and cats
    eat your dog and cats2 months agoThey should’ve called it people getting hurt
  • Tahzih Abdullah
    Tahzih Abdullah3 months agoDid not laugh or smiled
  • GalaxyFall GT
    GalaxyFall GT3 months agoI feel like I can't laugh at anything. Am I a stone faced God or do I have a problem?
  • Krasz
    Krasz3 months agovideo nice, ​my friends watching video: Hank Tom, Video Funny Animals, Talking Tom and Friends, Talking Tom Hack
  • Just Alissa
    Just Alissa3 months agoRoses are red, Violets or blue, I was looking for the thumbnail, And so are you.
  • Jose Turrubiartes
    Jose Turrubiartes1 months ago4:26 when I try to act cool infront of my crush
  • Cr8 The Dream
    Cr8 The Dream2 months agoI reacted to this video and you know what I said
  • Marcus & Martinus Fan
    Marcus & Martinus Fan3 months agoWho taught he was going to crash that car😂 1:10
  • Robot196 5
    Robot196 53 months agoAt 3:56 the little girl is on krak or weed
  • 1000 Subscribers Without Content Challenge
    1000 Subscribers Without Content Challenge2 months agoThis is me laughing at these vines 😑
  • Toby Bishop
    Toby Bishop2 months agoThese are trash it is literally just people falling over 😂😂😂
  • Bryson Barron
    Bryson Barron2 months ago0:21fr thats like the bird box 😂😂😂
  • Diego Saenz
    Diego Saenz2 months agoI stop laughing
  • Guitar lessons with Skylar
    Guitar lessons with Skylar3 months agoLEGEND SAYS IF U COME EARLY YOU WILL SEE A LOT OF EARLY COMMENTS
  • MM Productions
    MM Productions2 months agoNext weeks video includes "Guy misses and drills his hand!" & "I missed my shot!"
  • Cr8 The Dream
    Cr8 The Dream2 months agoIt wasn’t funny but I still put the channel in the description
  • Zakaria Hassan Esdin
    Zakaria Hassan Esdin3 months ago10/10 Never laughed less.
  • CTAYLOR3246
    CTAYLOR32463 months ago8:58 Is how they got the idea to make it to we’re u can unlock yr phone with yr face lol
  • Max Merricks
    Max Merricks3 months agoRoses are red violets are blue I thought I was sad until I met u
  • Uissgss10 Kakarot Lol
    Uissgss10 Kakarot Lol3 months agoWhy is 2018 comedy just people getting hurt
  • Lars
    Lars2 months agoWhen you only laugh of the laugh from the people who needs to laugh😂😂
  • Gage Masters
    Gage Masters2 months agoAnybody catch that guy not spill his beer LOL
  • Phyllis Foster
    Phyllis Foster2 months agoI'm Happier after seeing thisd
  • Jam Jars Cars, Trucks and Planes
    Jam Jars Cars, Trucks and Planes3 months agooh wow i couldnt stop laughing..... because i never even started
  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran2 months agothis is the most boaring vid ive watched in 2018 its just people getting hurt
  • Nadia Harrison
    Nadia Harrison2 months agooh my god 4:49 is me all the time -laughs with tears-
  • Julieann Parker
    Julieann Parker3 months agoif you laughed at only one of these "stop it get some help"
  • Brinley Ellis
    Brinley Ellis3 months agoThe ppl in 1:43are my friends and that is behind my house!
  • Maddox TUGWELL
    Maddox TUGWELL3 months agoThat guy on the thumbnail is pregnant
  • Princess Kacey Coup
  • GulleGamer
    GulleGamer3 months ago0:06 that was me 4 hours ago, except my fundament were not wood chips, it was water -_-
  • Diego Saenz
    Diego Saenz2 months agoIt's not even funny it's just people getting hurt
  • Illeanna Dilts
    Illeanna Dilts3 months agoWhen you can't fall asleep u just need a laugh this is the stuff
  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time2 months ago4:45 When you're trying to do the Naruto run
  • Uli Reinhart
    Uli Reinhart3 months ago6:38 is it just me or did he sound like Ned from the try guys
  • Un Known
    Un Known2 months agoThe baby ones aren’t funny at all🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s just bad parenting
  • rae rae
    rae rae3 months agoThese Vines are not funny
  • Kitty Warrior
    Kitty Warrior3 months ago1:05 Hit the camera jutsu!
  • Peyton Cardwell
    Peyton Cardwell2 months agoMeaning to do or doing it for the video
  • Eden Mcdaid
    Eden Mcdaid2 months agoThey thought that was going to end well 5:20
  • Raptor-RSR
    Raptor-RSR3 months agothis is what article 13 was made for
  • Kam speed
    Kam speed2 months ago1:59 TOOOO HEAVYYYYY😂😂😂😂
  • little.miss.flexie 101
    little.miss.flexie 1013 months ago4:50 - 4:56 had me dead 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
  • ali farissi
    ali farissi2 months agoRip baby's XD LOL :D
  • Ellaslifeonyoutube77 T-pose SQAUD
    Ellaslifeonyoutube77 T-pose SQAUD3 months agoLol like if you laughed or grinned 😂
  • maia harrison
    maia harrison2 months ago2:04 ok ok let me get this straight he looked like at the end he was try to do i front flip then he failed and roled on the side ON A BIKE!!!!!
  • Rotten Girl
    Rotten Girl3 months agoWhen people ask me how the semester went: 1:04
  • Yousef Kharrubi
    Yousef Kharrubi3 months ago4:16 explain how this is funny all she did was fall down the stairs nothing funny about that.
  • temetrice currelley
    temetrice currelley3 months agothis almost made me cry
  • Ева Николова
    Ева Николова3 months ago0:44 This isn't funny