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Fat People Funny Fail Compilation Of The Week October 2017

by Fail Sergeant127.690 views
  • Alex Mackie
    Alex Mackie4 months agoWhat made her think ahe could hold her weight on a freakin rope...
  • Seàn William Ecloughlin
    Seàn William Ecloughlin11 months ago2:48 LAUGH SO HARD
  • Deadman Inc3011
    Deadman Inc30116 months agoI just cannot believe people let themselves go like that, and clown around and make themselves look even worse...have some self respect and keep some dignity for God sake....
  • Travek Maxwell
    Travek Maxwell11 months agoThat woman really thought she could hold her weight when trying to swing into the water, I am shocked the rope didn't break.
  • anonymous
    anonymous7 months agowill the bike be ok? Nope
  • Nasir Afi
    Nasir Afi6 months agoFat creatures are so fun.
  • Christian High
    Christian High4 months ago2:04 IM SCREAMING 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    LETS GET 1000 SUBS WITH NO VIDS11 months agoTHEYERE NOT FAT just little bit overweigth xD
  • 羊义
    羊义5 months agoEveryone in the comment is trying to feel better about their life by watching this video
  • Bre !
    Bre !10 days agoThe last guys butt Crack lol
  • Fin Shark
  • KingBanter
    KingBanter7 months ago1:06 would someone not have said , I doubt your able to do this
  • Bollocks O'Plenty
    Bollocks O'Plenty1 year agoIt‘s funny, cause they‘re fat
  • One Boy
    One Boy11 months agoIf somebody is to fat can’t invite them into my house cause they break the chairs and eat my food specially if amurican
  • Smalltownbrewer1
    Smalltownbrewer110 months agoFunny but disgusting
  • Russell Bonaccorso
    Russell Bonaccorso10 months agoThey think they're people!
  • Ondrej Zornig
    Ondrej Zornig10 months ago1:20 best :-D
  • DPWRepublic
    DPWRepublic9 months agoMURICAAAAA!!! YEAH!
  • Bollocks O'Plenty
    Bollocks O'Plenty1 year agoDems some FAT peoples
  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman2 months agoLet's feed these idiots to kids in Africa! #2birds1stone
  • Jes Kvell
    Jes Kvell11 months agowhat my backsplash sounds like 0:58
  • A Random Human
    A Random Human4 months agoThat's a strong rope!
  • No One
    No One9 months agoWow LOL
  • n1mand
    n1mand1 year agoThats fatting funny!
    ALJOUD BAHMAN4 days agothis is soo funyyyyyyy
  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs7 months ago1:56 Metal > Fat
  • Zhaoheng Liu
    Zhaoheng Liu3 months agoIf the second person was a male if would have ruined his chance of a child
  • Vlad V
    Vlad V3 months agoBeached whale @ 1:00
  • edgeVerse
    edgeVerse3 months ago1:12 OMG LOL
  • Devi Kali Tara
    Devi Kali Tara5 months agoHow do u break the floor?
  • Shinyla Kay
    Shinyla Kay1 year agoThe poor guy on the water slide :-p
  • Wolfeyes Najera
    Wolfeyes Najera1 year agoSigh
  • Fabian naruto
    Fabian naruto3 months ago3:04
  • juraj anđal
    juraj anđal7 months agoAnd then they say I'm fat
  • Six Addams
    Six Addams10 months agogross
  • 00Kuja00
    00Kuja006 months agoCall it fatshaming or what ever, but it's unhealthy and damn nasty. :/
  • One Boy
    One Boy8 months agoFatty twats that have to abey gravity
  • Master Shockz
    Master Shockz1 year ago3:14 the slo mo of this guy reminds me of jabba the hut
  • migjen Dreshaj
    migjen Dreshaj20 days ago90% of the fat people in the world is Americans
  • okie dokie
    okie dokie2 months agoMoral of the video fat=stupid
  • robert mills
    robert mills7 months agoLmao fat people(those with eating problems) are absolutely disgusting and ugly. I always tell my kids to stay away from these freaks of nature. No offence to those with medical conditions that results in them being obese