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NEW 2018 Funny Football Soccer Vines ⚽️ Fails | Goals | Skills [#180]

by Amazing Football Skills1.657.519 views

⚽️Best Soccer Vines & Instagram Football Goals, Skills & Fails 2018 Football Compilation 👍 Thanks for Watching! Don`t forget to like and share the video! Subscribe now! ⚽️If you want to publish your videos on the compilation, please send to [email protected] INSTAGRAM: @afs_football

  • MMB 10
    MMB 1011 months ago4:32 ist das tor des jahres
  • عضلة عضلة
    عضلة عضلة7 days agoالسلام عليكم
  • Brumos
    [email protected] Brumos15 hours agoJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
  • Vit Vit
    Vit Vit1 months ago😂😂😂😍😍 good
  • Marius Chereches
    Marius Chereches11 months ago10th
  • Steven Forman
    Steven Forman1 months agoI really enjoyed watching this. :D
  • Eelco K
    Eelco K11 months ago1:06 song plz
  • Sulav Gurung
    Sulav Gurung4 months agoSo funny hahahaha!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jace C
    Jace C3 months agoAllison this selfie Hf
  • rupom nandi
    rupom nandi1 months agoHahaha
  • Zac Goldstiver
    Zac Goldstiver4 months agoHe frontfliped over the goaly😎🤤😰😱
  • Paula Silva
    Paula Silva2 months agojoga muito
  • Michael G.
    Michael G.11 months agoPlease put in more replays- 6-7 per goal are not enough...
  • Yoshi Gaming 101
    Yoshi Gaming 10117 days ago1:08 when u give ur freind a hug in a soccer game
  • katie marie
    katie marie2 months ago6:58 Pause
  • x90Odeh X
    x90Odeh X11 months ago4:47 that’s why he has cr7’s number on his jersey
  • imasavage mike
    imasavage mike2 months agoDamn bro
  • Truth Teller.
    Truth Teller.1 months ago💚
  • Marino Santizo
    Marino Santizo3 months agoWho like ronaldiño
  • Truth Teller.
    Truth Teller.2 months agoAntoine griezmanns a pedo and anyone who supports that, but I guess as long as he scores👨‍👧he can have a go at your sisters or mother, or even ya Nan🙌🏾‼️
  • patricia makueno
    patricia makueno19 days agoHahahaha😂😂
  • Gylnara Ryspaeva
    Gylnara Ryspaeva8 months ago7:43
  • Niki & Kiki
    Niki & Kiki3 months ago6:58 Pause the video😂 there was this girl😂😂
  • Kesrie Sukdeo
    Kesrie Sukdeo6 months ago4:32
  • Karima Bousata
    Karima Bousata16 days agodoe gewoon zonder skills en goals
  • Lapins d'Or Awa
    Lapins d'Or Awa3 months agoOu est le teem français 💜
  • Farhaan Callachund
    Farhaan Callachund11 months ago7th comment . I need a heart ❤
  • Night wolf 311
    Night wolf 31111 months ago🥋⚽️⚔️🤺
  • Belia Luedke
    Belia Luedke3 months agoNice. :)
  • phoenix gamer
    phoenix gamer9 months ago0:30 hahahahahahahaha
  • Damaka2damaka Singh
    Damaka2damaka Singh1 months agoHu
  • Gopal Khanal
    Gopal Khanal2 months ago6:588
  • Marissa Fleischer
    Marissa Fleischer2 months agoNeither football or soccer aren’t sports. Horse riding is much more sporty. Hundreds of people die a year cause of an horse injury toughen up princesses cause this princess isn’t sceard of getting of getting dirty.
  • Thomas Friedrich
    Thomas Friedrich26 days agoCooles Video
  • Daniel Pereira
    Daniel Pereira2 months ago😂😂😂
  • Marilou Cero
    Marilou Cero1 months agoHalu
  • Darifa Talhaoui
    Darifa Talhaoui1 months agoHaha haha
    MARITES BAUI1 months agohahaha kaka tawa
  • หนุ่ย ยย -
    หนุ่ย ยย -11 months ago2.10 music?
  • Fifa World Cup 2018 RUSSIA
    Fifa World Cup 2018 RUSSIA9 days agoBidang
  • Antonio Calvo
    Antonio Calvo6 months ago7:26 name of music
  • Précieux Aldrich Kaya
    Précieux Aldrich Kaya7 days agofou et fou
  • Mahir's Toy Review Gaming and reviews
    Mahir's Toy Review Gaming and reviews2 months agoI play football like them
  • Zi Manel
    Zi Manel1 months ago👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Joel Diaz
    Joel Diaz11 months ago6:58 😏
    ANITA GAMER2 months agoLegau
  • Paula Silva
    Paula Silva2 months agota bom
  • Kyomi Nancis
    Kyomi Nancis1 months agoOmg
  • Leon Joly
    Leon Joly11 months agoRonaldinho Best Player Ever
  • Franklin Comeca
    Franklin Comeca9 months agomusica del minuto 6:22 por favor