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Funny Vines June 2018 (Part 1) TBT Vine compilation

by CooL Vines7.967.982 views

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  • Icy Trip
    Icy Trip7 months agoR we all just going to ignore that he has a Cinderella pillow 3:38
  • Slenderman’s Proxy
    Slenderman’s Proxy2 days agoI’m up at 5:00 and I’m in pain so this is my life right now I CANT SLEEP PLEASE SEND HELP IM TIRED PLEASEEE
  • Teigan Reid
    Teigan Reid1 days ago4:03 excuse me I’m a girl and I speak 200 on weekdays and 100. On weekends
  • MiotaLee
    MiotaLee5 months agoAs someone who was never on vine when it was popular, I can't see why the Paul brothers were even popular. I never find their clips funny
  • Robin And Snowbell
    Robin And Snowbell10 days ago21:37 The fact that she can say 'I'm choking' while choking is probably very useful
  • Bell %
    Bell %1 months ago10:26 and u become a “singer” anyways💀 BOIII
  • Fatima NAQVI
    Fatima NAQVI5 months agohahaha all these StErIoTyPiCaL ViNeS AbOuT GiRlS ArE _HaLi|RoUSS_
  • Jackson Green
    Jackson Green5 months ago0:14 tho
  • it’s me Giulia
    it’s me Giulia4 months ago29:16 AHHAHAHHAHAHA cannot breath
  • The fruit Oot
    The fruit Oot4 months agoUm 21:29 what the hell?
  • I like musicals *outside of Hamilton*
    I like musicals *outside of Hamilton*7 months ago“June 2018” Ummm last I checked vine died in 2016.....
  • Ali Salverson
    Ali Salverson1 months ago12:10 - Telemarketers (ft. Razor Ramon) 12:16 - Harrassing a Wynaut (ft. Zephyr and Bobby Heenan) 12:22 - I hate that... (ft. Owen Hart) 12:29 - Relationship goals (ft. Marty Jannetty, Janis Joplin and Lily Tomlin) 12:35 - At the store (ft. Dean Hart and a Wynaut *mentioned only*) 12:42 - Gaming lag (ft. Marty Jannetty) 12:48 - Lemme use your toothbrush (ft. David Von Erich and Janis Joplin) 12:55 - Finals week (ft. Jane Vasey and Luna Vachon) 13:02 - A battle (ft. Jane Vasey, Rick Rude and Zephyr) 13:08 - Eyebrows on fleek (ft. Henriette Strobel, Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags and Jimmy Hart) 13:15 - White-Out fixes everything (ft. Rick Martel) 13:21 - Crazy-ass woman (ft. Laraine Newman and Jimmy Hart) 13:27 - Stealing your birthday wish (ft. Edina Pop, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Chris Squire and Brian Knobbs) 13:34 - #PronouncingThingsIncorrectly (ft. Don Felder) 13:40 - Raccoons (ft. Brian Knobbs) 13:46 - Friends expect us to be (ft. Mr. Perfect and Mickey Finn) 13:53 - Cohen's birthday (ft. Roddy Piper) 13:59 - Classroom (ft. Zephyr and Leslie Mandoki) 14:06 - Girls in heels (ft. Jimmy Hart and Lesley Gore) 14:12 - Salt lid (ft. Owen Hart) 14:18 - #relatable vine (ft. Dean Hart, British Bulldog and Bruce Hart) 14:25 - Taking your fries (ft. Mountie and Bret Hart) 14:31 - Ex-Stripper (ft. Edina Pop, Henriette Strobel and Glenn Frey) 14:37 - Starbucks (ft. Roddy Piper) 14:44 - Young Bill Gates (ft. Laura Nyro) 14:50 - Hallway follies (ft. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) 14:56 - Horn (ft. Skip Spence) 15:03 - Quitting your job (ft. Scary Sherri) 15:09 - Modern-day Forrest Gump (ft. Luna Vachon, Roddy Piper, Rick Rude and Morton Downey Jr.) 15:16 - Wynaut and a punching bag 15:22 - Got 'em (ft. Dean Hart and Bruce Hart) 15:29 - Bitch got it twisted (ft. Mountie) 15:36 - Drive-bys in the future (ft. Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) 15:42 - Motivators (ft. Steve Bender, Wolfgang Heichel and Janis Joplin) 15:49 - Beat too fast (ft. Wakey and a dancing Wobbuffet) 15:55 - Neidhart needs to chill (ft. Bret Hart) 16:01 - Get your name? (ft. Henriette Strobel and Owen Hart) 16:08 - Never joke around with Big Boss Man (ft. Morton Downey Jr.) 16:14 - Look at something to take a sip (ft. Tom Keifer and Brian Knobbs) 16:21 - Throw me my phone (ft. Glenn Frey) 16:27 - Parkour for nasties (ft. Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) 16:34 - Awkward killer scene (ft. Dr. Righteous and Bobby Heenan) 16:41 - Pissing in the pool (ft. Brian Knobbs and Chris Squire) 16:48 - What'cha eating (ft. Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) 16:54 - How to be romantic (ft. Roger Waters) 17:01 - Gas money (ft. Bret Hart, Glenn Frey and Jim Neidhart) 17:07 - Not the best conversation... (ft. Laura Nyro and Jane Vasey) 17:14 - It's Sunday (ft. David Cassidy) 17:20 - Self esteem crushed (ft. Bret Hart and Glenn Frey) 17:26 - Every Girl Ever (ft. Randy Savage and Vom) 17:33 - #Bounce (ft. Tom Keifer and Glenn Frey) 17:39 - Chris Squire vs. ear ringing (ft. Jon Anderson and Roddy Piper) 17:46 - Ass of an angel (ft. Owen Hart and Henriette Strobel) 17:53 - Don't want visitors (ft. Wobbuffet and Brian Knobbs) 17:58 - Paranormal activity 3 (ft. Wynaut and Mick Tucker) 18:04 - Weird-ass conversation (ft. Laura Nyro and Jane Vasey) 18:11 - Crying for attention (ft. Scary Sherri and Zephyr) 18:17 - Reaction of a psycho (ft. Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags and a Wobbuffet) 18:24 - I love everyone (ft. Scary Sherri and Jane Vasey) 18:29 - Air horn attack (ft. Roddy Piper and Rick Rude) 18:35 - Weight limit (ft. Chris Squire and Jim Neidhart) 18:42 - Who's in charge now? (ft. Wynaut and Glenn Frey) 18:48 - #textingwhiteboys (ft. Ric Flair) 18:54 - School nurses (ft. Jane Vasey and Scary Sherri) 19:00 - Foreign language follies (ft. Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Mr. Fuji and Ax) 19:07 - Protection (ft. Bobby Heenan, Repo Man, Mickey Finn and Ultimate Warrior) 19:14 - Instagram follies (ft. Jim Neidhart, Marc Bolan and June Child) 19:21 - New approach (ft. Jimmy Hart and Izzy Stradlin) 19:27 - Faking a coma (ft. Joey Tempest and Joe Walsh) 19:34 - Small ding-dong! (ft. Lily Tomlin, Tommy Bolin and Repo Man) 19:40 - Treating me like a kid (ft. Eric Brittingham) 19:45 - A vulture on the roof of Team Venom HQ (ft. Scary Sherri) 19:51 - Savage mom jokes (ft. Tommy Bolin and Brian Knobbs) 19:58 - Disrespectful SpaghettiOs (ft. Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon) 20:04 - Leave and don't leave (ft. Rickie Lee Jones and Wakey) 20:10 - Faded (ft. Mountie and Glenn Frey) 20:17 - Back up a few (ft. Shawn Michaels *voice only* and Rick Rude) 20:23 - Typical (ft. Henriette Strobel and Owen Hart) 20:30 - Call them back (ft. Roddy Piper and Mountie) 20:36 - Watermelon hat (ft. Brian Knobbs) 20:43 - A whole new world (ft. Dean Hart and Bruce Hart) 20:49 - Last words (ft. Scary Sherri, Serpentine and Elvira) 20:56 - If bugs could talk (ft. David Von Erich and Chris Von Erich) 21:02 - To a P!nk concert (ft. Susanna Hoffs and Duff McKagan) 21:08 - Every time (ft. Bret Hart) 21:14 - Fishing tournament (ft. Jimmy Hart and Roddy Piper) 21:21 - Real dino (ft. Phil Rudd) 21:27 - Ugly Anthem (ft. Skip Spence) 21:34 - Choking on boba (ft. Jane Vasey) 21:39 - Quit playing around (ft. Luna Vachon) 21:44 - Hiding from reality (ft. Wobbuffet) 21:49 - Pachirisu (ft. Laura Nyro) 21:53 - Pool safety (ft. Jimmy Hart, Mountie and Shawn Michaels) 22:00 - Old school fun (ft. Roddy Piper, Edina Pop and Bret Hart)
  • Double X
    Double X5 days ago“Did you clean your homework”
  • LIVE Premier League Scores & More
    LIVE Premier League Scores & More8 months ago0:55 i laughed for 2hrs straight...
  • Dr0plets AJ
    Dr0plets AJ6 months agoFriends succeeding: 7:56 Me succeeding: 8:00
  • Gerardo Aguirre
    Gerardo Aguirre6 months ago4:13 me!!
  • Koda Bear
    Koda Bear8 months ago8:34 "What did thw blankets say when they fell out of the bed?" "Sheet-" "SHEET-" "SHEEEEEEEEE
  • D-Lego Studios
    D-Lego Studios8 months ago16:52
  • storm worrior
    storm worrior5 months agoWhen you’re mom find’s out you broke your iPhone in 7:43
  • Blake Gamez
    Blake Gamez3 hours ago4:31 dwarf mamba was about to say the n word
  • LuckyTundraDragn
    LuckyTundraDragn5 days agoAt 16:00 turn on captions, and comment what you get that isn't what she says. Mine- "i am an elephant winner"
  • TheRealJoshy
    TheRealJoshy7 months ago0:49 is the most relatable thing mankind has given me
  • Deyanah Subaihi
    Deyanah Subaihi1 days ago22:36 I’m Arab and started crying at the way he said it 😂😂😂👌🏾
  • Bree Adelynn
  • KodicKodii
    KodicKodii7 days agoI don't like when they're mean to cats. I'm out
  • ༺ Ünͥicͣoͫrn ༻
    ༺ Ünͥicͣoͫrn ༻8 months ago8:52 was the best how do you clean your homework 😂😂
  • Andrew Spencer
    Andrew Spencer17 hours ago4:22 hey I know him, we went to school together.
  • Gaige _N
    Gaige _N2 days ago12:51 made me spit my tea all over my phone and bed
    MADA FGI2 days agoY cant we just be the galactic gangsters man 9:17
  • Jammyterror 643!
    Jammyterror 643!5 months ago3:20 IMMA fIREIN MA LAZER...BLAAAA
  • Rousting army
    Rousting army8 months ago6:36 dude that rainbow flick sick😂😂😂😂
  • Alsa Balsa
    Alsa Balsa1 months ago1:10 “hey this receipt says 2019?” Me: welllllllll I mean looking at what day it is... **sudden realization that vine died many moons ago** ..oh. ..i get the joke now.
  • Empty -
    Empty -1 days ago2:14 my fav in my opinion
  • Madalee Anne
    Madalee Anne4 months agoThe one with the burger and the guy who says “can I have a bite?” And eats the whole hamburger is LITERALLY my mom.
  • shu kurenai edits
    shu kurenai edits20 hours ago22:32 i can't stop laughing at this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • billieyelash
    billieyelash9 months agoWatching this after a scary Shane Dawson video lol. It’s almost 3 am
  • trajan_x
    trajan_x11 hours ago14:44 XDXD
  • Mr. Nice guy!
    Mr. Nice guy!22 days agoHow is this the best vines of June 2018 when vine shut down January 17, 2017?
  • Marvel Movies Adam
    Marvel Movies Adam15 days ago1:30 was me coz I never go to sleep and my name is Adam.
  • Helen Reslock
    Helen Reslock27 days agoHit: ow Paper cut: OUCH no wifi: AHHHHHHH Stepping on a lego: *death*
  • Tema Time
    Tema Time8 months ago5:31 SPONGEBOBB
  • KnightFall
    KnightFall1 days ago3:18 Me and my brother
  • Jungkook is Daddy
    Jungkook is Daddy6 months ago0:49 and 3:36 lmao 😂
  • Pzycho_Nightmare
    Pzycho_Nightmare11 hours ago8:02 had me dead
  • Legend Rid
    Legend Rid2 months ago3:41 we can all relate to that
  • Benito Richards
    Benito Richards1 months ago7:29 to dare you make the teddy sad 😢😢
  • Cod Kid54
    Cod Kid546 months ago3:42 Omfg
  • Annie Higgins
    Annie Higgins1 months ago12:38 that's my crush's name hehe
  • genstr pikačů
    genstr pikačů17 hours ago6:58
  • logan chasteen
    logan chasteen8 days ago23:12 how much you wanna bet his name is Timmy? I bet he shouts it.